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How to determine value is a combination of researching comparable homes that have sold and closed in your area taking into consideration location, condition, size and so much more.  Another important factor is experience and many times an agent that knows the market and has seen homes first hand versus just viewing on a computer.  

Typically, NO two homes are completely alike even if your home is an exact mirror image regarding style and size. There are a multitude of factors that are needed to determine an estimate of value and that is where experience comes into play and the Swanson Team offers over 30 plus years of experience for doing just that.

If you would like our team to provide a Market Analysis of your home or property, please submit the following form or just give us a call at 630-436-5152 so when can set a convenient time to meet with you to discuss your needs. 


What is difference between Appraisal vs Comparative Market Analysis?

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